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A bespoke joinery manufacturer and interior fit out company. We take pride in offering fine craftsmanship and innovative solutions, we adopt an individual approach towards each project and pay attention to the smallest details. Teamwork, communication and commitment to the highest industry standards have led to the establishment of strong bonds and long-lasting relationships with numerous clients. The uniqueness of each individual case and the strive for innovation have all served as sources of inspiration & success.

Our values and aesthetic understanding are focused in the production of our own line of furniture and accessories. Working with wood is our biggest passion and we pay special attention to every piece, turning it into an exquisite item.

“We specialize in executing what you conceptualize”

WHAT WE DO?Design & Build Soulful Spaces

Innovating, improving and paying attention to even the smallest details of project execution is an addiction, this addiction  has contributed to solutions that our clients have loved and found to be both visually-pleasing and fully-functional.

Our team of highly skilled joiners and talented apprentices have developed an enviable reputation for producing the high quality joinery projects. The joinery management team works closely with designers and clients to evolve their concepts into reality.

We put great emphasis on the positioning, the long-term goals and the aesthetic preferences of our clients. This information is analyzed and interpreted to offer personalized solutions and originality in terms of execution. We have a holistic approach towards  interior design fit out and bespoke joinery solutions. Relying on constant feedback and communication with our clients enables us to make sure that we are on the right track during every step of the way.


SOCIAL CONNECTIONFor A Cause, To Cause A Change

We live in an age of digital distraction and our connection to the world is what makes us more humane. We have been fortunate to participate in organizing workshops sessions to spread awareness among the youth and embed a sense of necessity for a sustainable environment, while creating remarkable pieces from reclaimed resources and unwanted wood. As a result we made numerous meaningful connections over a period of time.

The World Earth Day organized by Municipality's Environment Department was one of many occasions where ANID conducted workshops to inspire youth on the significance of imperishable environs and the connotation of recycling.

Murtaza Asgar, the founder and managing director of ANID has a keen involvement in these workshops out of passion & a sense of responsibility towards the society. This is a huge achievement, through a creative platform the youth is involved in the process of ingeniously salvaging the waste and reusing.

WHAT WE PRACTICE?Fit-out & Joinery Workshop

From public sector to private clients, and from professionals to pupils our aim is the same – to deliver above and beyond what is expected of us. We have always had the zeal to bequeath our expertise to whoever was eager to learn. Hence, the fit-out joinery workshops that we conduct in  affiliation with Manipal Executive Education has proven to be a very productive platform over the years.


PAYING IT FORWARDCraftsmanship Survives By Passing It Along

Technology has no doubt revolutionized the world for betterment, but it has consequently affected the wisdom of age-old of craftsmanship, which is fast getting diluted and is on the verge of extinction.

We believe in keeping the traditions alive by transferring these skills to our youth to remind them of its importance and also to teach them patience, discipline, and significance of time.

Craftsmanship is all about experiencing the journey. Our students join us from different walks of life; and even the ones who are inseparable from their joysticks have been inspired by the techniques, agility, flexibility and tangibility of things they can create with their own hands, and how priceless these items can be in the industry.

In Short
We value resources and we make full use of them. This practice symbolizes our entire corporate philosophy: we make full use of resources and we look for the link between the past and the present. We rely on traditional woodworking techniques and we employ modern approaches that guarantee precision. Taking the best of the two world’s results in pieces that are unique, functional and executed to perfection.

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