About The FounderMurtaza Balasinourwala

Welcome To My Mind: 

The idea of breathing a new life into every execution and the utter joy of being able find solutions is what has strengthened me as a designer, and has guided me through my career choices. I was fortunate enough to turn my dream into reality. A.N.I.D is the product of this very passion.
Teamwork, communication and commitment to deliver at the highest industry standards have led me to the establishment of strong bonds and long-lasting relationships with numerous clients.

Obsession Is Essential To Creativity

While working towards my goal I discovered my love for woodworking, and also started to appreciate working with wood waste and redundant trees in-cognizant of terms like recycling, reclaiming and sustainability. The lust and absolute euphoria for creating unusual and beautiful things out of really nothing at all, brought the bliss and love I have had for wood work.

The More I Learn, The More I Learn That I Need To Learn More

The urge to learn and go deeper into the subject of wood working and finishing took me beyond the region where I practice the business. I have traveled to USA, Europe, China, Indonesia, Africa and India to partake in conferences and workshops, interacted with the local businesses as well as the artisans. This adventure has let me explore the difference and implement it in my own business and training activities.

Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun ! – Albert Einstein

My ideology is that not everything beautiful has to be expensive and not all good things need to be complicated. Sometimes simple can be more magnificent. I believe that, to craft beautiful and intriguing goods without investing a lot of time, effort, energy and resources can prove to be a very strong creative aspect of a person."

Teaching – The Highest Form Of Learning

Apart from being an avid interior designer and entrepreneur, I also take pleasure in teaching at Manipal Academy for Higher Education in Dubai. Getting the chance to pass the passion on to a younger generation of designers has been a truly rewarding experience. I have been working towards creating entrepreneurial opportunities for young professionals, helping them to look at employ-ability from a different perspective and it has been promising so far.

"Vision - Dream Is A Hope Until Backed By A Plan"
The current business in the fit-out and joinery industry is at its competitive best and have pushed the finest out of their comfort zones. My vision is to bridge the gap with a sustainable business model and lead the change that will regulate the practices in the current era.
In Short
We value resources and we make full use of them. This practice symbolizes our entire corporate philosophy: we make full use of resources and we look for the link between the past and the present. We rely on traditional woodworking techniques and we employ modern approaches that guarantee precision. Taking the best of the two world’s results in pieces that are unique, functional and executed to perfection.

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