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ANID will be capable of offering highly flexible services that address all of your needs and aesthetic preferences.

WHAT WE DO?Our Process

To make sure that we are offering everything that our clients need, we go through a detailed process that involves multiple steps and a lot of communication. If you choose ANID for your project, you will go through the following steps with us:

  • Preliminary stage that includes the creation of a project brief and concept design. These are based on our first meeting with the client and the information that we got about functional and aesthetic requirements.
  • Detailed design creation and approval. – Project management and beginning of the manufacturing, construction and installation project.
  • Post-construction quality control and handover certification.
Consult & Collaborate
We meet and collaborate to clearly define what your needs and expectations are because your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.
Based on your requirement we create a design scheme that is to your absolute satisfaction.
We prepare a payment quotation that is agreeable by you
Once a plan of action has been conceived , we go about the execution of the project with the best quaility


We stick to the highest industry standards in an attempt to address the client’s requirements. We will work on the execution in the role of either a turnkey solution provider or a manufacturer. The team has specialization and experience in both concepts. ANID offers the manufacturing of a wide range of standard fittings, bespoke furnishing and accessories. Our approach is highly creative and we rely on a medley of materials and finishes to give clients something stylish, modern and long-lived.

IN BRIEFOur Mission

We specialize in bespoke joinery and fit out solutions to provide our customers with holistic and comprehensive solutions. Dedicating enough time to understanding and interpreting the client’s individual needs is the most important part of our preliminary process. We take our time to comprehend all of the details because we want to give customers access to services that will be beautiful to look at, corresponding to individual preferences and capable of withstanding the test of time.

We work with the finest materials that the market has to offer and we guarantee transparency throughout the process. These values create trust, which is why we have established long-term solutions with numerous B2B and end customers. ANID is a medium-sized company that has the know-how, the equipment, the passion and the commitment to perfect execution. All of these work together to determine the superiority of the solutions we offer.

In Short
We value resources and we make full use of them. This practice symbolizes our entire corporate philosophy: we make full use of resources and we look for the link between the past and the present. We rely on traditional woodworking techniques and we employ modern approaches that guarantee precision. Taking the best of the two world’s results in pieces that are unique, functional and executed to perfection.

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