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February 24, 2017

Technology has no doubt revolutionized the world for betterment, but it has consequently affected the wisdom of age-old craftsmanship, which is fast getting diluted.
We believe in keeping the traditions alive by transferring these skills to our youth to remind them of its importance and also to teach them patience, discipline, and significance of time.
Craftsmanship is all about experiencing the journey. Our students join us from different walks of life; and even the ones who are inseparable from their joysticks have been inspired by the techniques, agility, flexibility and tangibility of things they can create with their own hands, and how priceless these items can be in the industry.
We conduct courses on various platforms for students from different universities as well as anyone who is interested in learning the craft, to emphasize the vitality of passing the skill on. In our workshops, we help participants to identify various species of woods good for carving, different styles of carvings, and also enlightening them about different places around the world famous for the craft.
In Short
We value resources and we make full use of them. This practice symbolizes our entire corporate philosophy: we make full use of resources and we look for the link between the past and the present. We rely on traditional woodworking techniques and we employ modern approaches that guarantee precision. Taking the best of the two world’s results in pieces that are unique, functional and executed to perfection.

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