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July 25, 20171

Organizations offering internships to young student’s plays a primary role in staging a platform for experience both professionally and morally. The aim is not to exploit the students, but in fact it is a great responsibility of mentoring the young talent & shaping their minds.

The influential factor which is often disregarded in this matter is that the process of learning and teaching goes hand in hand. The accountability falls equally on the shoulders of the pupils trying to discover their aptitude, and the employees wanting to fill their recruiting pipeline with young blood.

I have had the chance to sit down and have deep discussions with students; however, a great many of these young people are restive and disappointed and many feel aggravated with the fact that the company they interned at showed no promise, the leadership offered no challenge, and absolutely no cause to inspire young people to take as their own.

There are often scenarios with great opportunities and the candidate is least motivated and has no desire to learn, whereas some companies with pitfalls and setbacks get benefited by working with candidates who help them achieve goals.

The millennial’s today have difficulty in molding themselves according to the situations or accepting their shortcomings, which in turn leads to disdainful behavior and belittling.

I firmly believe that what we really owe everyone is a chance – a chance to explore themselves, test their limits and discover the unimaginable. But we also need to prepare the youth to be humble and mold-able for their own sake.

At ANID, apart from the opportunity of getting involved in all accepts of designing and building a project, the students also benefit from industry connections of the company through objective based workshops conducted at different companies by the principals who impart their expertise and experience in business and life.


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