Logs To Vases & More

Struck by the sight of a truck being loaded with discarded and ruined logs to be trashed, and upon inquiring about it out of curiosity the workers agreed to hand me over the so-called trash.
It was fascinating to learn that the wood logs being discarded were none other than the Burma teak. Out of the urge to value the resource and the idea of turning waste into something beautiful and unique that it takes your breath away took birth. I decided to take the chance and convert them into something worthy.
Inspiration can strike you at anytime without any prior cause or relativity in any form regardless of what your mindset is, and transcends you from one world to an entirely different world of infinite possibilities, such is the power of inspiration; and that’s how the journey of turning unwanted logs into vases and more commenced.
Wood carving has proven to be an incredibly positive and rewarding hobby for me over the years and now it was time to put that skill to use. The venture began with carving a free standing column with intricate details of acanthus leaves right on the capital of the column, leading to the floral pattern draping all the way down to base and plinth. The next project I undertook was turning another similar log into a vase carved and hollowed out to finish, which set beautifully once done.
This led to many other creative and innovative ideas for creating simple but expressive things from gift pieces, plaques to accessories, and the idea still inspires me to date to find the unwanted wood that can be turned into something magnificent, eccentric, and while worthy.