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June 15, 2018

The attraction to rich, exotic and rustic furniture from Asian countries is inevitable, many of UAE residents traveling abroad adore the natural and rough look of the wooden furniture, and they feel proud to add this to their eccentric collection to enhance the aesthetics of their houses.

At present, the Asian countries cater to the wood market of the world, with varied wood products being supplied all around the world. We at ANID Turnkey Projects Contracting LLC are not creating a market, rather we are bringing a wave of change in the existing market by using this locally reclaimed wood to craft exquisite products.

The wood obtained from Damas tree is, if not more is equally beautiful as other most desired wood species. This wood has a rich texture and many natural properties that make it an ideal source to construct a variety of products. The local resource that we have through this wood; can be utilized by all means to make Park furniture, Pergolas and benches out of it. In addition to meeting the government needs, this could also prove to be a potential material to make furniture items, artifacts etcetera which could be of interest to residents all around U.A.E & visitors from around the world.

We have been closely associated with Damas tree from the year 2012; we have studied, worked, experimented & achieved.

Our ideology is that not everything beautiful has to be expensive and not all good things need to be complicated sometimes simple can be more magnificent. I believe that to craft beautiful and intriguing goods without investing too much time, effort, energy, and resources can prove to be a very strong creative aspect of a person. Even the waste incurred from this wood is consumable, which further makes it a sustainable and affordable choice.
In Short
We value resources and we make full use of them. This practice symbolizes our entire corporate philosophy: we make full use of resources and we look for the link between the past and the present. We rely on traditional woodworking techniques and we employ modern approaches that guarantee precision. Taking the best of the two world’s results in pieces that are unique, functional and executed to perfection.

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